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MAGUS reboot

MAGUS reboot

This the name of the most famous topic in the main hungarian rpg site currenly. MAGUS is under attack since the first publishing. There was a lot of arguing. Thousands of rpg fans discussed the system during 17 years. The most accepted edition is the first, because it is the most simpliest. I prefer it too. But it has a lot of problem. For example the mosaic magic system, what I mentioned before. The little beginners uses it for weird spellmaking. (Magical nuke and copying similar modern technical things)
Now there is a intention to renew and begin the developing of this game, but there are too many ways and fans can't agree. Some people want to develope it to high fantasy direction, and there is the oldschool way, some want to drop the mosac magic, some want to reduce the number of the skills.
The main problem is that the fans always lost in petty arguing about economy, armies, magic. For example there is a rule, that the material magic can't affect on personal aura. (So material transformations can't use on living creatures.) This is one of the most famous arguing subject. Where is begining the aura? Who has? Etc. There is an exception: An effect of material magic can affect on living creature in indirect way. For example: Magic user make a wide dagger and with the rune oftransformation transforms it to a thin needle, when he damage with it an enemy, the rune wipes off and the transformation  turns back in reversive way. And poor bastard suffers more damages. This is typical mosaic magic application. Fans developed many spells with this system. Little stone spike teleports to the front of enemy's eye and shoots it with elemental force into his eyes. You can't teleport it to the eye, because of the aura, but the elemental force helps you :)
Who are grown up with D&D want to drop this system and make unified magic system. Someone want to drop the classes, instead they would use schools. Schools have been existing in Ynev from begining, but just in the game world, not in the game sytem. In the core book for example there was just one type of warrior. (Later the developers published a book with more than 50 warrior subclasses, but it made the system too complex) Thanks God they couldn't go on this way. There were critical tables in one of supplement. So they had a several attemps to attract more fans. after the first publisher went bankrupt 2 more publisher tried to renew the system, but with few succes. There was D20 variant too for example.  These days the pnp rpg is dying, so there is little chance to make profitable renewed edition. (WOW and similar games kills the hobby.) I think fans will arguing until the end of the world.
Question: What kind of rpg can attract more fans for pnp gaming?

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1. location - Abbandoned House with Robber Gang

 This is the first map of the location in my sandbox campaign: The Abandoned Valley. You can find it in the Apolisz area with number 1. Here you can read about a robber gang who are lead by a clever and mysterious warlock.

1. First floor: nothing intresting or valuable.
2. Second floor: same situation as first, the house level has been.
3. Storeroom and Cellar: At the door there are 2 guards,  they often patrol in the surroundings of the house. In the storeroom there are a few empty barrel and chest, but nothing intresting. A stair leads to the lower level of the cellar.
In the cellar 1 man guarding, if he can hear some noise from the surface he runs to outhere and helps the guards. Still there isn't any valuable, just rubbish things. There is a secret door which opens a hidden corridor to the room 7. (secrett door searching difficulty:50%)
4. Robbers section: in this corridor there are rooms where the guards live. There are 10 common robbers, who guard this lair and make the robbering. 6. defend the main positions of this place and the rest of the group meanwhile are resting or robbing, sometimes they make heavy drinking and playing rude games in room 12.
There are 1-1 guard always in the first rooms.
5. Resting room: Sometimes Robbers rests here. You can find some food and 2D6 copper hidden in the doss.
6. The warlock's guardroom: One man guards this place in every minute, because the warlock is very paranoid.
7. Sanctuary: The warlock have sacrificed people since he settled here, the robbers worsip him, because he told them he is the ambassador of the dangeourus deamon princes : Sherkul. Sherkul is a fiction, the  warlock made him, because he wanted to control the dumb and credulous robbers. between the guardroom and the sanctuary in the corridor there are 2 pit traps, if anyone fail the int (detection) check falls and suffers 2D6 damage. Find trap difficulty: 60%.

8: Warlock's place: The leader of the robber gang is a warlock. Nobody knows his true name, because he is a paranoid. He is a 2nd level warlock, he always stays here, exept for when he make human sacrifice or other important business in the city with Viarro. In this room there is a little laboratory and he prepares poisons and alchmist goods. He has a valuable short sword (It worth 30 gold), Poisons: (20 portion weapon p. l2, 10 portion food poisons l3, 5 portions aeril p. l6) 20 gold, 10 books about poison preparing and alchemy. Some drugs. good quality clothes. 1 rubin (50 gold)
9. Hidden corridor: There is a arrow trap in the wall where is marked with arrow. It is magical, If someone enter this corridor and doesn't tell the password ("Arrow Stop!") it shoots. Attack is 40, Damage: 1D10+D6 poison. It has 6 shots and 1 per/round.
10. Store room: Here are stored the robbery loot. A lot of good quality clothes, 10 longswords, 12 shortswords, 3 maces, 4 leather armors. 1 chain armor, 2 medium shields. 100 gold pieces. 3 silver ring,  1 gold neclace. 1 painting. 4 barrels of wine. The door is closed (difficulty: 80%) The officers and the warlock have key to open it. The other door is secret from both side (from warlock and from the store) is the difficulty is 75%.
11. Officers room: 3 Officers live here, they lead the robbering and organize the life of the gang.
12. The main room, usually it is empty, except for some tables and chairs. There is a darts table in the wall. It is like a pub. Sometimes the robbers make a heavy drinking party here.


Attack: 35
Defense: 80
Armor: Cloth armor (1)
Weapon: Short sword D6

Attack: 40
Defense: 90
Range att.: 15
Armor: leather armor (2)
Weapon: Long sword D10 or lt crossbow (D6)


HP: 3
Attack: 38
Def.: 85
Range Attack: 12
Mana point: 14
Weapon: Short sword D6 (+D3 poison)

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Apolisz és környéke / Surroundings of Apolisz

Elkészítettem a térképét a környéknek ahol Viarro és Arsenios tevékenykedik. Alapvetően a kaland az elhagyott villák környékének felfedezéséről szól, közben fény derül a két sötét alak üzelmeire is.

I created the map of the surroundings of the city where Viarro and Arsenios lives. Basically tha andventure is about the exploration of the abandoned mansions and during the story they reveal the secret about the bad business of the two bad guys.

       1. Elhagyott kúria. / Abandoned mansion 
      2. Hypatos villa / Hypatos mansion
      3. Ősi rendház / Ancient Monastery 
      4. Anthypatos villa / Anthypatos mansion 
      5. Basileus villa / Basileus mansion 
      6. Constantin villa /Constantin mansion 
      7. Történelem elötti őrtorony. Prehistoric Watchtower 
      8.Majorság Manor
      9.Elhagyott temető Abandoned cemetery

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The Sunless Citadel Part 1.- Campaign Journal

We started a campaign in DnD 3e System. The characters are the following: Sir Alfons the Good Paladin (Human, lvl1), Groom the mysterious Dwarf Warrior (lvl1) and the Kornelius master the faithful Wizard (Human, lvl1, NPC, Order of the Red Dragon).
Two old friends, the Paladin and the Dwarf were in a tavern of a world edge village Oakhurst. They had been resting the difficulties of the last journey for a while, when the Wizard entered.  Kornelius offered a mysterious job directly to the party. They discussed it and asked the visitors and local citizens about it, but they had’t too much money. So the weird proposal was accepted.
The soldiers escorted the mage to the chasm, which hides the dark and perilous Sunless Citadel. The chasm formed when an evil dragonmage made dangerous experiments and he was failed. The generated chasm swallowed the Citadel and hided some interesting secrets. Later goblins and kobolds moved into this dark place and occupied half-half part of the dungeon. They fought with each other for larger living space.
So the party descended into the realm of fear and encountered dire rats, pit traps and dead goblins. They tried to open a mystic dragon gate, but it was to difficult for them.  They went a different direction and met a unlucky kobold Meego. This poor servant told them that he lost the guard dragon. They promised him, that they help him recover it from the evil goblins. Meego escorted them to the king of kobolds and introduced the party her. The leader promised, that they will get the mystic key of the dragongate, if they would recover the little flying lizard. Another agreement was concluded.
Meego shows them the short backdoor entrance to the goblins. They had to fight with another group of goblins, but some of them retreated. When the reinforcement arrived they attacked them with alchemist fire. Most of them killed in the explosion. They eliminated the rest of the attackers (goblins and hobgoblins) and entered the hearth of the goblin realm.
They didn’t want to harm the goblin citizens, so they continued the exploration of the area. In one of the goblin rooms they found the ”dragon”.
The session paused in the middle of action, because the players had to go. Next time we will go on with the capturing the little lizard pet.

Viarro jobbkeze - Viarro's right hand

Szeretném bemutatni nektek Viarro a nemes jobbkezét: Arseniost. Ő aki segíti üzelmeiben.

I'd like to introduce Viarro's right hand: Arsenios. He helps the noble to manage the dark businnes.

Név/Name: Arsenios

Jellem/Aligment: rend (order), halál (death)

Ember(Human) Tolvaj (Thief)

Erő(STR): 11
Gyorsaság(AGI): 16
Ügyesség(DEX): 17
Állóképesség(END): 8
Egészség(CONST): 12
Szépség(BEAUTY): 17
Intelligencia(INT): 12
Akaraterő(WP): 9
Asztrál(AST): 15

Max. Ép(MAX HP): 6
Max. Fp(MAX PTP): 11
Fp/Szint(PTP/LVL): 1k6 + 3

KÉ(INI): 22

kp(skill point): 5

Tapasztalati szintek (XP/lvl):
 1.      0 - 100
 2.    101 - 202
 3.    203 - 400
 4.    401 - 802
 5.    803 - 1700
 6.   1701 - 4500
 7.   4501 - 9000
 8.   9001 - 22000
 9.  22001 - 46500
10.  46501 - 68500
11.  68501 - 88000
12.  88001 - 131500
Minden további szinthez (for further lvls) +33500 Tp kell.

Képzettség neve fok/% Skill name lvl/%
Fegyverhasználat x2 Af Weapon use skill(Tőr-Dagger, Rövidkard-Rapier)
Fegyverdobás Af Weapon throw skill(Tőr-Dagger)
Nyelvtudás - 3. szint Af Language lvl3
Nyelvtudás - 2. szint x2 Af Language lvl2 *2
Értékbecslés Af Evaluate Bl
Kocsmai verekedés Af Tavern brawl Bl
Mászás 55% Climb
Esés 25% Fall
Zárnyitás 27% Locpick
Ugrás 10% Jump
Lopózás 40% Sneak
Rejtőzködés 25% Hide
Kötéltánc 25% Tightrope
Zsebmetszés 35% Pickpocket
Csapdafelfedezés 35% Trap discover
Titkosajtó keresés 25% Hidden door discover
Alkímia Af  Alchemy Bl
Kétkezes harc Af

Arsenios életében nincs semmi romantikus fordulat, Apolisz utcáin töltötte gyermekkorát éhezés és szegénység közepette. A szükség vitte rá, hogy beálljon a helyi tolvajcéhbe. A ranglétrán épp kezdett felkapaszkodni, amikor megismerkedett Viarro-val egy tivornya során. Nem tudta, de Viarro épp kapcsolatot keresett az alvilággal, hogy a kis titkos céljait támogassák. Kezdetben csak összekötő volt a céh és a nemes között, de később állandóra odakerült mellé. Azóta a jó kapcsolat megmaradt a céhvel is. Arsenios koordinálja a bérgyilkosságokat, a méreg és kábítószerüzletet, de részt vesz zsarolási, rablási, emberrablási, betörési ügyekben is. Mindegy, hogy mi csak jól jövedelmezzen.
Arsenios szikár, magas, mogorva férfi, bajszos, egyik szeme le van kötve. Ruhája kényelmes bőr, mesterségéhez szükséges rejtett zsebekkel. Fején kendőt és széles karimáju kalapot visel, ha a városban jár.

English version:
In Arsenios life there wasn't romantic turnins. He grew up in street of Apolisz in starvation and poverty. Necessity led him to join the thief guild. He started the climb up the rank ladder, when he met with Viarro during a binge. He didn't know, that Viarro looked for connection with the underworld, that they support him in his secret business. In the begining Arsenios was the secret link between the guild and the noble. Later he joined to Viarro for permanent service. But the good relationship remained with the guild. Currently Arsenios is coordinating all criminal action of the noble. Assassination, poison and drug market, buglaring, blacmailing, robbing, kidnapping. It doesn't matter if it profitable.
Arsenios lean, tall, gruff man with a mustache, one eye covered. His clothes comfortable leather craft contains hidden pockets for hide his tools. Cloth on her head and wearing a wide brimmed hat when in the city acts.

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Emberközeli M.A.G.U.S. főellenség - Humanlike Boss enemy


Következőkben bemutatom Viarro-t ő egy nemesi család örököse akinek van egy titkos élet melynek segítségével egy város legfőbb hatalmi pozíciójáért küzd. Viarro egy kezdő karakterek számára kitalált főellenség. A statisztikáit M.A.G.U.S. rendszer szerint alkottam meg. Értékei teljesen szokványosak, nem ebben áll különlegessége. Igazi hatalma valójában társadalmi és alvilági kapcsolataiban rejlik és abban, hogy senki nem tudja, hogy valójában ki is ő.

Lássuk a leírását (English version below):

Viarro egy 20-as évei végén járó, de koravén fiatalember. Kinézetre átlagos, de az átlagnál jobban látszódnak rajta az idők jelei. Barna haja már itt-ott ősz hajszálakkal jelentkezik és enyhén kopaszodik is. Szeme szintén barna, de kissé táskás és a szeme körül mér kisebb ráncok is elkezdtek megjelenni.  Testi ereje nem jelentős. Ez azért van, mert nem sok időt szentelt a mozgásnak élete során, inkább a tudomány, a varázslás és a birtokigazgatás tette ki mindennapjait. Ruházata nem hivalkodó, elsősorban a fekete és barna árnyalatokat kedveli, télen egy hosszú nagy gallérú kabátot hord, nyáron inkább ingujjra vetkőzik. Ékszert nem hord, csak a nemesi pecsétgyűrűt. Elengedhetetlen kiegészítője az oldaltáska, amiben az utazó fóliánsát és a birtok és városi ügyekkel kapcsolatos dokumentumokat. Egy tőr mindig van az övén található hüvelyben.
Korán árvaságra jutott. Alig 10 éves volt amikor szülei meghaltak egy rablótámadásban. Nevelését nagybátyja vette át, aki nem volt épp kíméletes. Aki meglátta a tehetséget a fiúban és taníttatni kezdte. Majd mikor már elég érettnek látta bevezette a mágia misztériumaiba is. Később, ahogy a gyermekből férfi vált, egyre több konfliktus támadt köztük és 20 éves kora körül Viarro nagybátyját elvitte egy vadászbaleset. Sok véráldozatba, pénzbe és varázsenergiába került. De neki megérte, ő lett a birtok ura és jelentős helyet vívott ki a helyi tanácsban is. Később, ahogy egyre hanyatlott a város, és a birtok se ment, úgy ahogy kellet volna, alternatív módszerekhez folyamodott. Szövetkezett az alvilággal és közben megismerkedett egy újabb mesterrel, akitől mostanában tanul.

English version: 
Let me introduce Viarro. He is a main enemy for beginner MAGUS characters. This character is a noble, who inherited the family domain and he want to became the main leader of his city. He uses all of secret and unlawful means. His real power isn't coming from their magic ability, it is just comporative. His real power is coming from his social network, his connections with the criminals of underworld. I would like to present to you some MAGUS feature with this character.
Viarro is a 28 old precocious young man. Average look, but the signs of time are more visible in his look. Brown hair with some grey hairbreadth. And little bit bald. Brown eyes, but baggy. Some wrinkles appeared in his face. Not too strong, because he practised the various science, instead of exercise. He spent his days with magic, sciece and managig the domain. His cloth isn't ostentatious, he likes brown and black colours. In winter he wears coat with big collar, in summer he prefers simple shirt. He has not jewlry, just a noble signet ring. He carries a side bag, in this bag there is a science compedium and writings about the city cases.
He became orphan in his early ages, he was 10 years old when he lost his parents in a robbing attack. His uncle educated him further. The uncle was not gentle, but he found in the child magical talent and educated him. When Viarro became 20 old, the uncle was killed in a hunting accident, because ther were a lot of conflict among them. It costed a lot money, blood and magical power. But it was worth for the young warlock, because he inherited the whole property and magical library. He made connections with underworld powers and the criminals. Now he trying to take the control over his city with all his hidden power.

Some rule explanation: HP in Magus is devided two parts, first part is the normal HP. It isn't increasing by level. Second part is the Pain Tolerance Point. This attribute increase per level. And first time the damage must be decrease the PTP when the attacker hits, if  the PTP became 0 the character blacks out, and further the damage decrease the HP. It is possible to damage HP directly, but the attacker must  roll over the Defense by 50 points. (with D100+Attack)
In this system the combat values are complex. The main atributes are affected in, it depends on the level, skill (if you have master level you can add +10 to the Attack and Defense and +5 to the Initiative). And the each weapon has Initiative, Attack, Defense rate. In the example you can find the combat values with the dagger.
The warlock magic is experimental in this system, each warlock has 7 manapoints/level and they can choose from all spells. there is no memorizing, they can learn new spells, but all warlock has the main selection from the base rulebook. They regains the mana with special power potion, but they have a risk if they use it many times. There is a chance to decreasing the const. when they use the potion.
In Magus characters can learn extra skills with skill points, they get it at level up. This system is inspired by AD&D, but it is different, it isn't better I think, but different.

Karakter érlap/Statistics:

Név/Name:  Viarro

Jellem/Aligment: rend/order, halál/death

Ember/Human Boszorkánymester/Warlock

Erő (STR): 12
Gyorsaság (AG): 15
Ügyesség (DEX): 15
Állóképesség (END): 10
Egészség (CONST): 9
Szépség (BEAUTY): 14
Intelligencia (INT): 17
Akaraterő (WP): 11
Asztrál (ASTRAL): 16

Max. Ép (Max. Health Point): 3
Max. Fp (Max. Pain Tolerance Point): 7
Fp/Szint (PTP/LVL): 1k6 + 1

KÉ (INITIATIVE): 20/30(Tőr- Dagger)
TÉ (ATTACK RATE): 30/38 (Tőr- Dagger)
VÉ (DEFENSE RATE): 83/85 (Tőr- Dagger)

Mana-pont alap (Mana point): 7

KP (Skill point): 4

Tapasztalati szintek (XP/level):
 1.      0 - 200
 2.    201 - 400
 3.    401 - 800
 4.    801 - 1600
 5.   1601 - 4000
 6.   4001 - 8000
 7.   8001 - 16000
 8.  16001 - 32000
 9.  32001 - 59000
10.  59001 - 90500
11.  90501 - 140000
12. 140001 - 190000
Minden további szinthez +55000 Tp kell.

Képzettség neve fok (Skills: Af-Basic level, Mf-Master level)/%
Fegyverhasználat x3 Af (Tőrkard, Tőr, knyp) - 3x Weapon skill (Rapier, Dagger, Light crossbow)
Fegyverdobás Af (tőr) - Weapon throw (dagger)
Pszi Mf - Psionic
Nyelvtudás - 3. szint x2 Af - 2* Language lvl 3.
Nyelvtudás - 2. szint Af Language lvl2
Írás/olvasás Af - Read/Write
Méregkeverés/semlegesítés Af - Poison mixing/neutralization
Álcázás/álruha Af - Disguase
Etikett Af - Etiquette
Lovaglás Af - Riding
Értékbecslés Af - Evaluate
Történelemismertet Af
Herbalizmus Af - Herbalism
Lopózás 20% - Sneak
Rejtőzködés 25% - Hiding

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M.A.G.U.S. The chronicles of the Adventurers

 Hereby I would like to introduce the most famous rpg system in Hungary. This game is piblished in 1994 and since then it has been redesigned several times. 3-4 publisher worked on it and there are some versions. It is shows the attitude of the rpg life in Hungary.

 M.A.G.U.S. was the first proffesional rpg in my country, before there were some other attemps (e.g: Harc és Varázslat- Combat and Magic), but this game was the first serious rpg in the hungarian market.

The system is similar, then the AD&D. The developers were influenced by the Gygaxian effects, but the setting was much more different, than the average D&D world. The world of the settings is called Ynev and firstly it seems like a normal fantasy realm. But the designers wanted to make a little bit darker, artistic enviroment. You can find the stereotypical things in this world but all of them stranger, than in D&D. There are no D&D specific monsters (like beholder, jellys,etc.).  But you can find heroic realms, dark powers, evil characters, and dangerous heroes. In the center of the setting there are the adventurers. All fractions uses them for all purposes, because they have a lot of dark business, what the adventurers can handle with sword, magic and discretion. The prefered classes are the Bards, Mages, Manhunters. The manhunters are in this system assasins mainly, but they can work as a bodyguard, thief or normal fighter. It is a special trained fighter, with special weapons and sneak attack. Like the ninjas, but they haven't oriental background. They live in clans and work for money or speciel political advanteges. Good and Evil side uses them for their purposes.
Other important classes the martial art specialist. Sword Artists(Samurai?) and the Martial Art fighter(Monk?). These classes have oriental background.
 There are 9 main attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Endurance, Constitution, Beauty,Willpower, Inteligence, Astral. Each attribute are between 1 and 20. The characters have classes (like dnd: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Mage) and there are special classes as I mentioned in  the previous part.
The secondary attributes are more complicated, than the dnd. For example the attack point is affected by the STR,DEX,AG and by the skill, and by the weapon. All combat attribute is increasing, but the gamer can allocate the combat development points, what is depends on the class. The skills are simplier, each skill has basic and master level, you can't make skill roll. DM decides the succes of an action with the skill or the gamer roll with the corresponding attribute. Exept for the thief skills, because these skills are percent based. The system uses D10 and D100 mainly. Most of the characters know some psionic power or can learn it with skill points. The mages magic system is manabased, but it different, than the other classes. Mages in this game uses mosaic magic, they can develope complex spells with component spells. E.G.: Eternal Firewall: Firewall component spell (4 manapoint)+Eternal time extension (150 mana points) mosaic.
The Main Rules contains the most importants rules, classes, magics, monsters and the short world description, example adventure, world map, short novells, DM section.

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RPG oldalak

Első körben megosztok néhány rpg-vel foglalkozó magyar nyelvű oldalt:

lfg.hu A legnagyobb és legrégebbi rpg portál.

szerepjatek.lap.hu Elég komoly lapgyűjtemény.

Magus portal A legelterjedtebb magyar rpg-vel foglalkozó oldal.

RPG Wiki Mi az a szerepjáték?

Szerepjáték a facebook-on.

Algi rajongói oldala

rpggames Egy CRPG-vel foglalkozó hírportál.

Kezdetnek ennyi, még később hozok egyéb oldalakat/blogokat.

2011. október 12., szerda


Ifjú lélek vagyok aki nemrég ismerkedett meg a szerepjáték világával. Ezen az oldalon szeretném megosztani, hogy mit gondolok az rpg-ről és ha lesz rá lehetőség anyagokat és beszámolókat is felrakok. Angolul és magyarul is szeretnék írogatni.

Hi I am a young man from Hungary, I have started playing with rpg these days and I would like share with you my expiriences in english and in huingarian too.