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1. location - Abbandoned House with Robber Gang

 This is the first map of the location in my sandbox campaign: The Abandoned Valley. You can find it in the Apolisz area with number 1. Here you can read about a robber gang who are lead by a clever and mysterious warlock.

1. First floor: nothing intresting or valuable.
2. Second floor: same situation as first, the house level has been.
3. Storeroom and Cellar: At the door there are 2 guards,  they often patrol in the surroundings of the house. In the storeroom there are a few empty barrel and chest, but nothing intresting. A stair leads to the lower level of the cellar.
In the cellar 1 man guarding, if he can hear some noise from the surface he runs to outhere and helps the guards. Still there isn't any valuable, just rubbish things. There is a secret door which opens a hidden corridor to the room 7. (secrett door searching difficulty:50%)
4. Robbers section: in this corridor there are rooms where the guards live. There are 10 common robbers, who guard this lair and make the robbering. 6. defend the main positions of this place and the rest of the group meanwhile are resting or robbing, sometimes they make heavy drinking and playing rude games in room 12.
There are 1-1 guard always in the first rooms.
5. Resting room: Sometimes Robbers rests here. You can find some food and 2D6 copper hidden in the doss.
6. The warlock's guardroom: One man guards this place in every minute, because the warlock is very paranoid.
7. Sanctuary: The warlock have sacrificed people since he settled here, the robbers worsip him, because he told them he is the ambassador of the dangeourus deamon princes : Sherkul. Sherkul is a fiction, the  warlock made him, because he wanted to control the dumb and credulous robbers. between the guardroom and the sanctuary in the corridor there are 2 pit traps, if anyone fail the int (detection) check falls and suffers 2D6 damage. Find trap difficulty: 60%.

8: Warlock's place: The leader of the robber gang is a warlock. Nobody knows his true name, because he is a paranoid. He is a 2nd level warlock, he always stays here, exept for when he make human sacrifice or other important business in the city with Viarro. In this room there is a little laboratory and he prepares poisons and alchmist goods. He has a valuable short sword (It worth 30 gold), Poisons: (20 portion weapon p. l2, 10 portion food poisons l3, 5 portions aeril p. l6) 20 gold, 10 books about poison preparing and alchemy. Some drugs. good quality clothes. 1 rubin (50 gold)
9. Hidden corridor: There is a arrow trap in the wall where is marked with arrow. It is magical, If someone enter this corridor and doesn't tell the password ("Arrow Stop!") it shoots. Attack is 40, Damage: 1D10+D6 poison. It has 6 shots and 1 per/round.
10. Store room: Here are stored the robbery loot. A lot of good quality clothes, 10 longswords, 12 shortswords, 3 maces, 4 leather armors. 1 chain armor, 2 medium shields. 100 gold pieces. 3 silver ring,  1 gold neclace. 1 painting. 4 barrels of wine. The door is closed (difficulty: 80%) The officers and the warlock have key to open it. The other door is secret from both side (from warlock and from the store) is the difficulty is 75%.
11. Officers room: 3 Officers live here, they lead the robbering and organize the life of the gang.
12. The main room, usually it is empty, except for some tables and chairs. There is a darts table in the wall. It is like a pub. Sometimes the robbers make a heavy drinking party here.


Attack: 35
Defense: 80
Armor: Cloth armor (1)
Weapon: Short sword D6

Attack: 40
Defense: 90
Range att.: 15
Armor: leather armor (2)
Weapon: Long sword D10 or lt crossbow (D6)


HP: 3
Attack: 38
Def.: 85
Range Attack: 12
Mana point: 14
Weapon: Short sword D6 (+D3 poison)

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