2016. július 30., szombat

Game proposal - Isle of Barzon


I would like to start a game in magical land of Fomalhaut. This game was designed by Melan in the OSR movement ages.

You can find the rules and references here: http://fomalhaut.lfg.hu/2011/01/17/sword-and-magic/

The system is simplified D20, easy to learn and use, but its amazing.

"Power on the world of Fomalhaut takes many forms, from pragmatic appeals to human self interest to naked coercion. The worship of divine beings can manifest in either of these sterile extremes, as well as a dozen varieties between the two: there are as many specific arrangements as there are gods. Yet the power of gods (who, like all of us, should them-selves be entitled to the right to act in accordance with their own welfare) more often than not serves the weal of their direct subordinates before their worshippers – or, it is said, the gods themselves. So it was on the Isle of Barzon, a small island ruled by an empire not much larger…"

2012. november 30., péntek

DnD Next review

I am planning a DnD Next serie about the new betatesting, but I don't know what information is secret and what is public. I asked some people, but I haven't got satisfying answer.
What is the right process in this case? The test is public, so if you aply for it you can get the info. Otherwise it is unfinished game, so if you write down bad things about it may embarrass the company. I don't want to make it with wizards. Could help in this case anyone?

2012. október 26., péntek

Hello I am back. Here is a brand new project in Kickstarter:

Ars Magica CRPG

If you would like to play with it please support it.

2012. április 25., szerda

Online Testplay - Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon

I am looking for players, because I would like to test the excellent megadungeon:


I have a sample part of this dungeon. I am waiting for begginer level Labirynth Lord players. The game will be on http://rpol.net.

2012. április 1., vasárnap

2012. március 23., péntek

Adventure hooks [Rolecraft]

I wrote some adventure hooks in order to show how I imagine a story in world of Grenoria:

A faction delegated the party to get an important relic. The party get it from the dangeorus dungeon, but when they come back with the relic and they are weak, some assasins attack them, but they don't kill the party, just steal the relic.

In cellar of the headquarters of the Knight order there is dark secret. Only one old knight knows it, but nobody want to solve it. They hire the party to discover the cellar, but int the dark appears strange and evil creatures.  

The church hires the party to defend the funeral procession a high priest, what is goes to the woods, to the ancient tomb. When they arrives, they expirience, that a heretic sect occupied the crypt. The priests ask the party for purge the building. during the purging they find some evidance that the opposit fraction holds the threads of this case. 

A merchant lost his brother in a brawl and he hires the party to investigate it. During the investigation they finds some clue, what leads to the rival powerful merchant. The rival intimidates the party, if they inform the client, they will be murdered too. The investigation reveals a lot of information about the dark business of the rival merchant. They have to run away, or stand for the truth.

In the abandoned castle in the borderlands orcs occupy the lower levels, they discover hidden parts of the dungeon. In these section something evil rules. The orcs capture the party and they have to obay to the orcs command to discover the evil enemy and destroy it. The party have to fight against a rival band who want capture the enemy too. 

The party travels in rural country and stay at an inn, in a little village. The leader of the town would like to hire them to investigate the misterious murders what happen in the surroundings of the village. A savage barbarian tribe murders the people to intimidate and chase away them. Because the area is valuable for them. 

From the ancient tomb of the great leader of the town undeads attack the peaceful citizens. The current mayor offers high reward for stop the ravage of undead. During the investigation the party encounters rival parties and the representatives of the political opponents of the mayor. Some people want to overthrow him. They occur chaos and blame the mayor, that he can not defend the town.