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The Sunless Citadel Part 1.- Campaign Journal

We started a campaign in DnD 3e System. The characters are the following: Sir Alfons the Good Paladin (Human, lvl1), Groom the mysterious Dwarf Warrior (lvl1) and the Kornelius master the faithful Wizard (Human, lvl1, NPC, Order of the Red Dragon).
Two old friends, the Paladin and the Dwarf were in a tavern of a world edge village Oakhurst. They had been resting the difficulties of the last journey for a while, when the Wizard entered.  Kornelius offered a mysterious job directly to the party. They discussed it and asked the visitors and local citizens about it, but they had’t too much money. So the weird proposal was accepted.
The soldiers escorted the mage to the chasm, which hides the dark and perilous Sunless Citadel. The chasm formed when an evil dragonmage made dangerous experiments and he was failed. The generated chasm swallowed the Citadel and hided some interesting secrets. Later goblins and kobolds moved into this dark place and occupied half-half part of the dungeon. They fought with each other for larger living space.
So the party descended into the realm of fear and encountered dire rats, pit traps and dead goblins. They tried to open a mystic dragon gate, but it was to difficult for them.  They went a different direction and met a unlucky kobold Meego. This poor servant told them that he lost the guard dragon. They promised him, that they help him recover it from the evil goblins. Meego escorted them to the king of kobolds and introduced the party her. The leader promised, that they will get the mystic key of the dragongate, if they would recover the little flying lizard. Another agreement was concluded.
Meego shows them the short backdoor entrance to the goblins. They had to fight with another group of goblins, but some of them retreated. When the reinforcement arrived they attacked them with alchemist fire. Most of them killed in the explosion. They eliminated the rest of the attackers (goblins and hobgoblins) and entered the hearth of the goblin realm.
They didn’t want to harm the goblin citizens, so they continued the exploration of the area. In one of the goblin rooms they found the ”dragon”.
The session paused in the middle of action, because the players had to go. Next time we will go on with the capturing the little lizard pet.

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