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M.A.G.U.S. The chronicles of the Adventurers

 Hereby I would like to introduce the most famous rpg system in Hungary. This game is piblished in 1994 and since then it has been redesigned several times. 3-4 publisher worked on it and there are some versions. It is shows the attitude of the rpg life in Hungary.

 M.A.G.U.S. was the first proffesional rpg in my country, before there were some other attemps (e.g: Harc és Varázslat- Combat and Magic), but this game was the first serious rpg in the hungarian market.

The system is similar, then the AD&D. The developers were influenced by the Gygaxian effects, but the setting was much more different, than the average D&D world. The world of the settings is called Ynev and firstly it seems like a normal fantasy realm. But the designers wanted to make a little bit darker, artistic enviroment. You can find the stereotypical things in this world but all of them stranger, than in D&D. There are no D&D specific monsters (like beholder, jellys,etc.).  But you can find heroic realms, dark powers, evil characters, and dangerous heroes. In the center of the setting there are the adventurers. All fractions uses them for all purposes, because they have a lot of dark business, what the adventurers can handle with sword, magic and discretion. The prefered classes are the Bards, Mages, Manhunters. The manhunters are in this system assasins mainly, but they can work as a bodyguard, thief or normal fighter. It is a special trained fighter, with special weapons and sneak attack. Like the ninjas, but they haven't oriental background. They live in clans and work for money or speciel political advanteges. Good and Evil side uses them for their purposes.
Other important classes the martial art specialist. Sword Artists(Samurai?) and the Martial Art fighter(Monk?). These classes have oriental background.
 There are 9 main attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Endurance, Constitution, Beauty,Willpower, Inteligence, Astral. Each attribute are between 1 and 20. The characters have classes (like dnd: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Mage) and there are special classes as I mentioned in  the previous part.
The secondary attributes are more complicated, than the dnd. For example the attack point is affected by the STR,DEX,AG and by the skill, and by the weapon. All combat attribute is increasing, but the gamer can allocate the combat development points, what is depends on the class. The skills are simplier, each skill has basic and master level, you can't make skill roll. DM decides the succes of an action with the skill or the gamer roll with the corresponding attribute. Exept for the thief skills, because these skills are percent based. The system uses D10 and D100 mainly. Most of the characters know some psionic power or can learn it with skill points. The mages magic system is manabased, but it different, than the other classes. Mages in this game uses mosaic magic, they can develope complex spells with component spells. E.G.: Eternal Firewall: Firewall component spell (4 manapoint)+Eternal time extension (150 mana points) mosaic.
The Main Rules contains the most importants rules, classes, magics, monsters and the short world description, example adventure, world map, short novells, DM section.

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