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My special Ranger

In my world Rangers are hunters and trackers. They lives in the woods and defends it with his weapons and in fellowship with the inhabitants of the forest.

Here is the Ranger class as I modified:


HD:  1st lvl: D8+Const bonus. further lvls: +4+Const. bonus.

Attack: lvl*1.

Skills: Scientific: +2 Non Scientific: +1

Weapons and Armor: Simple weapons, and with light armor and shields (except tower shields).

 Save: Fort: lvl/2 Ref: lvl*1 Will:lvl/4


Wild Empathy: As D20 SRD Check: d20+lvl+Wis bonus

Tracking: +1 in every 2 lvls for trackings in woods.

Hunter weapon specialization: +1 damage and attack for bow and jevelin.

Hide: +2 to hide in woods.

Endurance: +4 for endurance based checks in lvl 3. (Eg.: swimming, running, climbing)

Animal Companion: In lvl 6  a speciel animal joins to the ranger and helps him in his work. Choose from the following: Mouse, Cat, Dog, Wolf, Eagle, Falcon, Pony, Owl, Badger, Dire Rat.

Improved Companion: As the Animal Companion, just in lvl 12 and the following races allowed: Unicorn, Giant Bat, Giant Eagle, Brown Bear, Shaman Horse, Tiger, Lion, Griffon.

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