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Orc Tribe Lair in Grenoria

There was a description in the fighting fantasy game book: Titan about an orc tribe lair. It was very intresting for me in my early life. And last week I saw a sideview description of the Wretched Catacombs in the blog A Character for Every Game. It was very similar, but a little bit smaller dungeon, but inspirational. So I made a Orc lair with this map for begginers.

Orc lair                           
1. Goblin Watchtower: d4+2 Goblin merceneries watch the surroundings of the lair.
2. Goblin room: Here live the hired goblins d10+4 Goblins stays here. (Treasure: d4 Silver/goblin)
3. Orc post: 2 Orc Warrior guards here with short bow (d6), they can attack the surroundings of the entrance.
4. Entrance: 4 Orc Warrior deffens this gate. (Treasure: d3 gold/orc )
5. The room of the Beggars: Here live the most common mebers of the tribe. (old beggars, handicapped or wounded poor orcs) d10+5 0. lvl orcs stays here. The room is very stinky, because of the sick monsters.
6. Living hall: All common member live here (3D10+10 0. lvl orcs) Dark, stinky and crowded.
7. Secret door to the Warriors room. Diff to find: 10.
8. Warriors room:  It is the living place of the warriors and hunters. Here lives the leader of the clan (As Orc Warrior just +2 for all).
9. Guard Post: 2 Orc warrior deffends this place all time.
10. Lake of the Water-Ogre: This monster is the shaman's favourite pet. It can attack the intruders with water split. (Average Ref check for stay on the stair.) If the shaman wants to use its pet he charm it and the warriors pulls it from the lake with rope.
11. 15' wide pool with full of water. The hole is 20' deep.
12. Shaman's living place: The spiritual leader lives here. It can reach this place with levitate. (At the pool too) So common orcs can't disturb the shaman.
13.Inner Sanctuary: Shaman works here (20% chance to stay here.)

Monster Manual (Rolecraft RPG):

Goblin Mercenery:

Hd: d8-1 (3)
Defense: 13 (studded leather armor +3)
Attack: +1 short sword(d6-1) or short bow (d6-1)
Save: 1/0/0
xp lvl: 1/2

Orc Warrior:

Hd: d8 (4)
Defense: 14 (studded leather armor +3, shield +1)
Attack: +1 Long sword(d8)
Save: 1/0/0
xp: 1

Orc Shaman

Hd:2d8+2 (10)
Defense: 13 (Leather Armor +2, Dex +1)
Move: 30
Attack:+1 Qarter Staff (d6+1)
Save: 1/1/0

Spec: Magic: as lvl2 priest
Spell levels: 3+1; 0.:4;

0. lvl orcs (children, female, old)

Hd: d8-1 (3)
Defense: 11 (Cloth +1)
Attack: +0 (d4) (stone, club, tools, etc.)
Save: 0/0/0
xp: 1/3


Hd:4d8+8 (24)
Defense: 16
Move: 30
Attack:+6 Great Club (d12+2)
Save: 4/4/3


If Water Ogre fighting in water (see, lake,stream,etc.) It can swallow water and attack its enemies with a split instead melee attack once a turn.
Range Attack: +4 (d8+2) If the attacked character has unsuccesful Average Ref. Save he will falls to the ground.

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