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About Grenoria

The world is a semi mediaeval setting, but with lot of barbaric and chaotic area in the borderlands. In Grenoria Knights and Clerics control the society, but in the background they do their fight against each other. In this shadow war the hidden clans of assasins are important players.
In the forest rangers defend the unprotected living. But from the shadows more and more creatures comes to corrupt the natural realm. And in the forgotten catacombs powerful monsters and dangeorus traps are waiting for adventures to discover them.
Knights are organized in orders and the only and exclusive religion is organized too in church. The church maintains temples, monasteries, hospitals. A significant part of the leaders are corrupted, there are honest rulers, but rare. Ancient dark fractions are fragmented and isolated, but very dangerous, because they are still powerful. There are a lot of forgotten tomb, abandoned castle in the wilds.
In the desert live many little nomad tribes, they often attacks the civilization, but the tribs haven't enough power to occupy the civilized kingdoms.
In the realm of see pirates patrols the unpredictable territories to looking for treasure, glory and triumph. The kingdoms are not able to eliminate them, because their ships are swift and they know better the ways of shipping.
The most dangerous enemy of the chaos forces, currently the chaos isn't enough to demolish the city of order, but it will stronger and stronger, year-by-year. The order destroys itself because of corrupted and selfish leaders. Hidden civil wars and political game weakens the strength of the forces.
As I mentioned there are only one religion in Grenoria, but it is fragmented to fraction. God has seven manifestations: Creater, Destroyer, Maintainer, Keeper, Comforter, Feeder, Saviour. Each manifestation has worshipper fractions and each fractions has organized denominations. The fractions are fighting for the ruler position, currently the Keeper fraction is the most influential. This is eternal struggle, which will ends when the chaos forces attacks the civilization, but maybe it will too late.

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