2012. február 15., szerda

Some ideas about my development

I would like to introduce my brand new hombrew rpg development.

This system is based on D20 core, but it is inspired by old dnd systems and retroclones.
Main changes:
-average attribute values (with lowest reroll)
-lower attribute bonus allocation ( normal characters have only maximum +3 bonus)
-DC: 6-10-14-18-22
-No feats
-Skills: divided by 2 main category: scientific and common. First category hes int bonus, second has
dex bonus. Generally every character has D4+dex/int+classmodefier skills. The values of the skills are half of the character level.
-Classes: Fighter, Rouge, Cleric, Wizard plus: Knight, Assasin. (The latter two classes are because of the setting.) In world of Grenoria  there aren't Paladins, Clerics haven't turn undead ability. (It will particular spell.) Assasins are common in this world, because the leaders use them in the political game. Knights are the leaders of the armies, or the noble elite. They haven't magical powers, just they are stronger in combat and wear heavy armor. They have leading ability and diplomatic sense. Other classes are similar than the basic d20 instances, but redesigned to the new rules.
-HP: little bit lower HD in 1st level and half of the maximum per level. (For example: Fighter: HD: d8+Const. Bonus +4HP/level+Const. Bonus)
-Base attack: (3 category: lvl*1, lvl/2, lvl/4 ), No multiple attack, I am thinking about it, how can I implement in my system.
-AC: As usual, but I would like to incrementing AC. (For example: Fighter: +1 AC/3lvls; 1-4-7-10-13-16)
-Magic: I would like to simplify it: Magic user classes has x slots/lvl, every spell costs as its lvl. X is equivalent to the amount of Spells per Day. It would be simple daily mana system.
-Saving System: As usual, but I created 3 categories: lvl*1,lvl/2,lvl/4.

These are my ideas first time. Nothing is set in stone.  If anyone would like to comment it please do it. Any feedback is welcome.


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  1. May I ask how your system relates to [i]Kard és Mágia[/i] regarding tone and scope?

  2. Yes Kard és Mágia is a great game and, it is inspired me to create my own D20 system. I would make similar game with similar reduced ruleset.
    I am reading d20 OSR rules by rules I keep, change or drop the rules. Depends on it is suitable or not.
    The base is D20, but KéM is highly infulenced my thinking.
    But just in rules, the world will focus on different style.